Graphic design

Whether you're starting from scratch and looking for a new logo that reflects your company, or need a complete overhaul of your brand, I work with both small scale to international companies to achieve the best design solutions for any need.

The Cat's Pajamas Winter Catalog

The Cat's Pajamas Winter Catalog

logo Design

Classic, simple, refined, modern, futurist, masculine - no matter what you are looking to convey  I can help create a logo, logotype, or logomark that effectively conveys your company's unique style.

email marketing

Do you need a one-time design via MailChimp or Constant Contact that you can edit weekly? Or someone to manage and maintain one weekly or monthly? I offer both options that give you the flexibility to choose.

branding + identity

Who are you as a company or organization? What is that first impression you would like to make to potential clients across all forms of media? I can help create a visual language that expresses your individual brand.  

flyers + trifolds

Looking for a simple and easy way to communicate your services with your customers? This could be the best option for you.

powerpoint presentations

Though PowerPoints might seem like they are bound to be boring, I have helped many clients take their PowerPoints to the next level. No more coworkers snoozing through your presentation.


Who doesn't love an infographic nowadays? Visual representations showing sometimes complex information get to the short and sweet  of it.                                         

multipage documents

Maybe it's a longer book you need help with, or an editorial layout complimented with pictures. It's InDesign to the rescue.

Banner & poster design

Large format pop-ups, banners, and posters that demand attention. I will happily work with you until we achieve the final product that makes potential customers stop in their tracks.