New Obsession... Chairish

Viva la vintage! Is what the mailer  offering me 10% off my first purchase stated. Vintage furniture? Yes! I love it already. From around the country? In one place? Double yes! The tagline to their lovely logo (with an adorable silhouette of a chair with a heart back) - Where Design Lovers Buy and Sell. But was it all that the nicely designed coupon nestled between one for Casper and Winc promised to be? YES... and then some!

First of all, as a former interior architectural student turned graphic design major, I can't help but resist my first love - interior design. And when I see a website that slaps me across the face with a genius idea coupled with a gorgeous website I'm an instant fan.

They make it incredibly simple for people to sell vintage pieces from across the country. Don't get me wrong, flea markets like the one at the Rose Bowl are cool and all, if not dizzying with the amount of items for sale. 

And look at how awesome this app is!! You can see what it will look like in your home!! Do I really need a large vintage ceramic white frog planter for $225? No! Can I afford a large vintage ceramic white frog planter? Also no! But is it okay for a girl to dream of someday owning a large vintage ceramic white frog planter? Maybe... because now I'm a little bit obsessed with it.