Canva and What It Means for Designers

Very recently, a coworker told me about Canva, a free to use program that has loads of design templates for almost every category of project imaginable. They make it super easy to use, offer printing services through their site, and also offer articles on design. This made me wonder, is this the beginning of the end for graphic designers for hire?


With hundreds of templates to use as a base, users can create nicely designed posters, flyers, social graphics, logos... the list goes on and on.


They even (very smartly) have a section where you can create your brand guidelines...


The tutorials seem to cover all design bases complete with hands on practice.


Which leads me to wonder... is this beginning of making professional graphic designers obsolete? More and more millennials are doing things themselves, taking a hands on approach to their businesses. And this generation seems to have an eye for design and a willingness to learn new technologies. All in all I think this company has really done something great - making design accessible to all. Kudos to Canva for inspiring a generation of makers, thinkers, and doers to take a DIY approach to design.