Hilton Digital Directories

Hilton Tallinn Park Digital Directory

Hilton Tallinn Park Digital Directory

When Hilton Hotels & Resorts commissioned a project to create digital directories, which were to replace the in-room binder version it was nothing short of a massive undertaking. As the lead designer, it was not only my job to design a template that could be used across a variety of languages, I also had to work hand in hand with Samsung and Otrum - the companies involved in implementing my design onto their televisions.


It was a tedious process that spanned several months, but after setting up the standard Samsung and Otrum versions at Hilton Dallas/Rockwall Lakefront and Hilton Tallinn Park it was ready to launch. In addition to the digital directories, I was asked to create a user guide for the hotels that wished to participate. The result was a brochure to assist owners with the process as well as serve as a mini brand guideline outlining the acceptable custom content should they choose that option.